How to check the Firmware version on my OmiCam?

To check the OmiCam FW version, you need to connect OmiCam with our mobile APP, OMI Studio.
(1) Search “OMI Studio” on Apple Store or Google Play and install it.
(2) Turn on the OmiCam by pressing the power button
(3) Press again the power button to turn on the camera Wi-Fi ( Wi-Fi LED will be flashing blue.)
(4) Go to mobile Wi-Fi setting and connect OmiCam
     a. Find the SSID with “OMI_XXXXXXXXXXXX” and select it.
     b. Input the password with “12345678” (default)
     c. Make sure the camera is connected.
(5) Launch OMI Studio APP
(6) Click “Settings” on the APP and then go to “Camera Detail”
=> It will show the camera FW version as “OCVR1_XXXX_XXX”

Firmware Update Instruction for microSD capacity over 32GB or formatted as exFAT

If your SD card capacity is over 32GB or formatted as exFAT, you could update the OmiCam FW by the following steps,

(1) Format your SD card

(2) Download the FW file(for SD format as exFAT or the storage size is >32GB)

                 Last FW File for >32GB SD card (version171018_001)

(3) Copy the File “OMIVR1.bin” to your SD card and then insert your SD card into OmiCam

(4) Turn on OmiCam and  use Wi-Fi connect to your cellphone.

(5) Go to OMI Studio APP > Settings > Camera Detail and press FW update

(6) Follow the instruction and start the FW update

(7) Wait for 90 sec (During this period, you will see the camera will automatically power off after FW update process finished.)

(8) After that you could power on the OmiCam again and check the FW version

  1. Please note that this process only works for FW version after 0815. If your FW version is still 0717 or 0721, please use the old way to do FW update.

How to update OmiCam Firmware? (Constantly Updated)

To update the latest Firmware of OmiCam, please follow the instruction below,
(1) Download the latest Firmware file ( The file name is “FW96660A.bin”.)
(2) Prepare a Micro SD card and format it as FAT format.
(Please note that the camera can’t recognize the exFAT for Firmware updating. So if the SD card capacity is over 32GB, it might not be able to be formatted as FAT or FAT32. In this case,  you have to find another SD card which could support FAT format.)
PS. If your SD card capacity is over 32GB or formatted as exFAT, please refer to the other post
(3) Copy the “FW96660A.bin” file into the SD card. Please put it in the root directory.
ex: H:\FW96660A.bin
(4) Insert the SD card into OmiCam
(5) Press the power button => You will see the shutterkey is flashing quickly in blue; it means the OmiCam is in FW updating now.
(6) When the Firmware update process is finished, the OmiCam will be powered-off. Please take off the SD card and turn on the OmiCam to check the FW version.
(7)  Do remember to delete FW file in SD card after Firmware updating. If there is a Firmware file in the SD card and turn on the OmiCam, the camera will do the FW update again automatically.